Multiple Python installations on one computer (Part 1)

So, I now have four different Python installations running at the same time, they are:

Python 2.5

Python 2.6 (My preference)

Python 2.7a

Python 3.1

So far, I have not met any problems on this setup, except for a slight pain. .py files and friends are all associated with Python 2.6, which is what I want, but the “python” command line command is associated with Python 2.5. So, if I want to run a program in 2.5, I just type the python prefix, else, I just type the filename. There seems to be no real benefit nor drawback to having multiple installations as you will most likely end up only using one anyway. Even so, if you can properly manage your installations, I recommend having a setup similar to my own.

Keep in mind I’m still working this out, once I get it, I’ll be sure to post an update with the new info.
I also plan on making this into a series with useful info about this.


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